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Frequently Asked Questions

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No, over time many local installers and builders have built up the skills required to install our products making it more cost effective and often speedier for them to arrange this.  We believe with the right products and advice there is no longer the needs for costly employed installation teams.

Small remedial issues are often resolved quicker and securely via your local installer/builder as opposed to waiting on a nationwide installation company.

We work with a number of market leading manufacturers so the likelihood is that no matter where you are in the UK we should be able to deliver to you!

Building projects and manufacturing are prone to unintentional delays.  Best endeavours will always be made to achieve the lead times sold but firstly please do not book in any tradesmen for at least one week after the planned delivery date and secondly please bear in mind that neither the manufacturers or Brighter Choice will be liable for any compensation claims as a result of any delays.

Different manufacturers and products, colours and materials have different lead times.  Once we understand what you need we can advise of the options available against the lead times required.

Yes, the manufacturers we work with are used to making products to match either existing products or for a new build.  By using aluminium and the RAL colour options even different manufacturing systems appear to match.

There are over 180 RAL colours to choose from.  Please do bear in mind there is a both a price and lead time increase with anything outside of stock colours (Anthracite Grey, White, Black, Grey outside/white inside).

As soon as possible, the more you know as early as possible will help you to plan the build to give you the best outcome.  It is often easier to go to an architect with a clear idea of the products you want rather then come to us after you have architect drawings.

We can offer integral blinds, these are maintenance free blinds that sit within the glass and do not hide any of the beautiful Aluminium site lines like curtains would.  See our videos and info within the site regarding integral blind options.

Please see within the site our threshold options and a video on things to consider.  You can achieve close to flush threshold finishes with planning and again this is where we encourage you to talk to us at the very start of your project.

Yes you can however please bear in mind an opener significantly changes the appearance of a contemporary lantern roof by making it look more chunky due to the frame work required.

Just that one option has 3 different ways you could have the doors opening e.g 2 and 2 split, 4 one way, 3 and 1 split.  What you need to know is how they work and what to consider e.g. some cant be accessed from the outside, with a 3 and 1 split the 1 door swings back until something stops it.  This is where you need to talk to us so you end up with the right configuration. Do take a look within the site at the configuration options along with short video to help you.

No, all our doors are bespoke to your needs and thankfully we don’t have any returned doors!

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