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We understand this is a big investment, financially and emotionally. We have worked with 1000’s of home owners and walked in your shoes so we know how it feels to hand over significant money and then sit and wait. We know how it feels when you have paid and then there is a delay or lack of communication.

So how can we reassure you?

Firstly you may wish to consider paying by credit card if this option is available to you. This is the best possible cover as every credit card should cover you for up to £30,000 (check your card cover).

All manufacturers offer product guarantees should the systems have an issue or fail (we will provide you with the specific guarantees for the products you order).



In truth we don’t buy into endless certifications and accreditations as they don’t offer the end customer anything as good or better than credit card protection. The cost of these generally means the cost to the end customer has to go up to cover them.

The nature of manufacturing is that the guarantees are only as good as the manufacturer’s service levels and their longevity. This is the same for all suppliers.

We sell on reputation so any mis selling or poor service will effect our success as a business, we rely on you!.

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The Faces Behind Our Success

About Us

Damon Smith

Having worked for a large online bifold supplier for 5 years and growing it to a significant level, I learnt a lot: You are only as good as your Suppliers (and your word). You must deliver on what you promised The customer is King. Reputation is critical. You must be competitive but offer the right level of customer service. Issues / Problems do arise, it is how you deal with them that counts

We always felt the above could be achieved truly if we were in control, now for the first time WE ARE.

Damon has been working within this industry for six years when he was employed as a Business Consultant tasked with growing the sales focusing predominantly on improving the online marketing and exposure for one of the biggest players in the Bifold Door market.

He quickly realised that this was more than just an ordinary, simple search online before making a purchase where the customer typed a few sizes and colour into an online form before being presented with a price.  He felt that this approach was short changing a customer as there was no real understanding as to what the customer was trying to achieve and indeed what options they hadn’t considered as these customers simply don’t know what they don’t know!

The product is relatively straight forward and with just a few tweaks to the sales process this business far exceeded it’s growth plans so when Damon was offered the opportunity to go into partnership (with the former installation company) and buy the brand in 2018 it seemed a very straight forward decision.

With Damon’s key focus on ensuring customer satisfaction it is no surprise that the business went from strength to strength despite seeing a number of other key players in the market sadly closing their doors.

*you can see his name featuring heavily on numerous review sites*


Then we get to 23rd March 2020 when Damon locked up the office unsure of when he would be able to return as the UK was in the grip of a now global pandemic. Whilst a huge percentage of the UK was soaking up the sun of the early Spring heatwave whilst furloughed, Damon was tirelessly working in constant communication with customers who were waiting to have their doors installed or had placed a deposit and were now naturally feeling nervous as to what would happen next.

Several weeks into the lockdown and a number of things had become quite clear, some of these enforced changes and adaptations to the way we worked were actually incredibly positive.  Phone calls with prospective customers were better, maybe we had a little more time or perhaps just a little more clarity?  We couldn’t invite you to a Showroom but we could arrange a Facetime or Zoom call to show you some products and talk you through some of the options that were available and you were a little unsure of.

Although the working day was still long, there was no 120 mile round trip and 3 to 4 hours in the car every day.  Being around your family every day also makes you appreciate that you would rather spend those 4 hours watching your children grow than sitting in traffic.

.  It was time for a change, to seek an opportunity to run a business doing what you love whilst being more present in your family’s life.  It was clear that the current business could not be adapted to suit this so we needed to start something new.

Rachel Smith

In 2018 we started our own home extension project, we knew where we were and we knew what we wanted but that was pretty much it- no exaggeration! We’d never done anything like this before so of course, this is hardly a surprise. I wasn’t prepared for the number of questions that I had to answer on a daily basis but everything needed careful consideration to ensure that we got what we wanted, we didn’t want to make any expensive mistakes.

This is my passion, I would like to get under the skin of your project and ask you some questions so that I can fully understand what you want. I want to supply you with the best products on the market and I want to see your dream turn into reality by finally being able to add you to our gallery of finished projects.

I looked up from the sofa where I had plonked myself in an exhausted state after putting the two toddlers to bed and declared “something has to change”.

It wasn’t an epiphany about a major life change that I wanted; more a lifestyle change.  The Jumperoo, boxes of toys and random scattered child paraphernalia had invaded our only real adult space within the home, the living room, and this was impacting on our ability to unwind at the end of our respective long days as parents and employees.

My genius idea was to have a Conservatory built as it was a relatively low cost solution that required no planning permission etc. Voila- a new Play Room and as a consequence our Living Room was restored to a relaxing space free from bright, primary coloured plastic!

However, within 18 months or so it became clear that my genius solution was not all I thought it was.  The conservatory was like an oven for about 3 months of the year and more like a fridge for 5 or 6 months- hardly toddler friendly and not especially great for adults either.

We needed a new solution but one that would suit our family as we all grew older and our requirements inevitably changed.

Our 2018 extension project stemmed from one simple vision, an idealistic image of sitting down with my husband enjoying a cup of coffee in a beautiful space flooded with light whilst watching our children play in the garden.  

Within 6 months we excitedly sat beneath our Anthracite Grey Contemporary Roof Lantern beside our stunning Bifold Doors manufactured in the same aluminium profile in our new, single storey extension with our cups of coffee proudly patting ourselves on the back about how smart we had been and what a hugely positive impact this space would have on our family.  Ok, we were sitting on garden chairs, the floor was still just a concrete screed and our garden was the typical wreck of the storage area during a build project but we were so close and we could literally taste it.

Fast forward 12 months, once our build work and garden remodelling had been completed and we actually did get to enjoy that coffee whilst sitting on our comfortable sofa watching the children play outside and it was every bit as wonderful as we hoped it would be.  It’s perhaps become an activity that time only allows us to enjoy as infrequently as once a week- usually a Sunday morning, but every time we do, we are incredibly happy and content with the space that we created.  It doesn’t matter whether we are looking up at a beautiful, blue sky with the occasional white, fluffy cloud through our lantern roof, the bifold doors pushed wide open so the indoors and outside blend seamlessly as one or whether those doors are tightly closed with raindrops trailing downwards and bouncing off the roof with their gentle rhythmic sound.

I honestly think that unless you have lived and breathed a project, however small, you just can’t relate or support a customer through their buying process.  Buying bifold doors, changing a conservatory roof into a warm room or installing a roof lantern may not be rocket science but much like a lot of things in life, it is usually a little more complex than you initially anticipate and there are decisions to be made and questions to answer to ensure that your vision is actually realised.

I view our business, Brighter Choice, as a consultancy that is armed with as much knowledge in this marketplace to demystify questions like “What kind of Threshold do I want?”, “Do I choose 3 panes or 4?” and “What about my specific concerns regarding security?”

The flip side to this is that you may already know exactly what you want, you know your sizes, colour and specification and just simply want a price- either way, Brighter Choice is here to help you and whatever you need is literally

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