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Brighter Choice Ltd – TERMS AND CONDITIONS

 1. “Brighter Choice Ltd” shall be called the Company throughout this document. It is the intention of the Company that all terms of the Contract between the Customer and the Company are contained in this document together with the signed order. Please ensure that any oral representations or promises which you wish to rely on are written on the comments section of the order form and signed by the Customer and an authorised Company Representative otherwise they will not be deemed to be included in the Contract.

 2. Any subsequent amendments must be confirmed in writing and acknowledged by the other party. Any alteration required to the order after manufacture shall be deemed to constitute a separate contract.

 3. In the wording of the Contract the use of abbreviations, product codes and terminology particular to the industry is unavoidable. If you are uncertain as to the meaning of these, please request clarification from your Company representative. The Customer and the Company’s representative must sign any alterations or errors on the order form.

4. In general, we will only undertake site deliveries if certain criteria are satisfied. In order for us to assess your request, please complete the enclosed site delivery form within this pack.

5. Customers must report any damaged goods upon delivery in accordance with the Policy for reporting damage on supply only deliveries section within this pack.

 6. Due to the risks associated with deliveries to non-commercial the customer will entirely and irrevocably accept any and all liability for all claims and /or injury arising directly or indirectly out of Brighter Choice Ltd staff or representatives delivering and unloading goods and the placing and stacking of them by the kerbside at the above address and will indemnify Brighter Choice Ltd and directors, employees and representatives from all claims, expenses, damages and costs arising in connections with this additional service except where caused by extreme negligence on the part of Brighter Choice Ltd chosen manufacturers delivery service. 

 7. The time period quoted for delivery commences only from receipt of deposit/ manufacturing payment and receipt of signed contract. We will use our best endeavours to adhere to any delivery period quoted to you, though time shall not be the most important element of the Contract. 

8. Building projects are prone to unintentional delays which may be caused by either party in this contract or a third party. Other than as a result of delays caused by the customer the Company will not look to charge any additional costs to complete the delivery outlined in the contract. In turn the company shall be under no liability in respect of any consequential damage, loss of profit, damage suffered or expenditure incurred whatsoever, whether in contract or tort, in respect of any delays or faulty goods and the Customer will indemnify the Company against any liability in tort of the seller to any third party.

We recommend that the customer does not book in any additional trades for at least one week after the proposed delivery date.

9. With our supply only orders the client is responsible for the correct size, design and specification of product and glazing. It is assumed that the Customer has employed the services of an experienced installer and surveyor and the Company responsibility is limited exclusively to the supply of the product. Fixings, sealants (except gaskets) and trims are not included unless specified in the schedule

10. Under the company’s policy of continuous improvement to its products and production, the customer shall have the benefit of any modifications the company makes to the design specification without notice to the customer unless it will make a significant difference to the appearance of the product in this case the customer will be notified. All drawings and illustrations in the Company’s catalogues, sales and promotional literature are intended as a guide only.

11. The company will not accept liability for any minor imperfections in glass, which are inherent in the handling or manufacturing process of glass. Full details are contained in our guarantee documents accompanying the contract.

12. Payment terms are strictly in accordance with the Contract.

13. The final payment due must be made 5 working days prior to delivery of the products.  Delivery will not be made if the final payment has not been made and cleared by this point.

14. Payment shall be made by bank transfer, credit or debit card. When payment is not made in accordance with this condition the outstanding balance shall carry interest at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof commencing from the date when settlement was due.

15. The manufacturers product guarantees shall commence from the date of delivery or receipt of final payment whichever is the latter.

16. The Customer has the right to cancel the Contract by written notice of cancellation within the stated period and terms. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellations made by the Customer at any time prior to signing their contract and paying their manufacturing payment will be accepted.  At the point of signing a contract and paying the manufacturing fee (as per payment terms) the manufacturer is engaged, and payments made to produce the doors hence cancellation requests not being accepted once manufacturing payments have been made.

Cancellations accepted by customers who paid by credit card will result in a £30 in vat admin charge.

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